Alec Willows




  • Bachelor of Science – Biodiversity and Conservation (Macquarie University) 
  • Graduate Certificate in Conservation Biology (Macquarie University) 
  • Remote Pilot Licence 
  • Compliance and Regulatory Training through the Australian Centre for Financial and Environmental Compliance 
  • Venomous Snake Handling and Training 
  • Rail Industry Safety Induction 
  • Operate and maintain a 4WD 

Alec has 5 years’ experience across both the public and private sectors including ecological consulting, local government and bush regeneration. This includes experience in a range of flora and fauna surveys for state significant infrastructure, part 4 and part 5 ecological impact assessments for local development applications and consent authorities, large scale ecological restoration plans for state government and a range of project ecology experiences from handling venomous snakes to conducting dam dewatering. 

Alec has been with Australian Wetlands Consulting for nine months after working as an Ecologist, Environmental Protection Officer and Ecologist in Sydney. 

He has been a part of multi-disciplinary teams working on a diverse range of projects within NSW, including but not limited to upgrades to fire trail networks for the NSW NPWS, Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports for local development applications, Ecological Restoration Plans and ecology services for Airports, Wind farms, Hydroelectric schemes and Roads. 




Alec is located in our Bangalow office