1% for the planet, Big Scrub Rainforest Conservancy


AWC are now a committed member of 1% for the Planet and are accredited as an organisation that donates at least one percent of annual income to environmental causes. The first organisation AWC has chosen to receive a donation is the Big Scrub Rainforest Conservancy. The purpose of the Big Scrub Rainforest Foundation is to raise funds to facilitate the conservation of critically endangered Australian lowland subtropical rainforest including the many threatened species living there. AWC actively supports this organisation and the work being undertaken to sustain it and has, through partnership with 1% for the Planet, made the first of many donations to this and other worthy environmental causes.  

Big Scrub was once the largest lowland subtropical rainforest in Australia, covering 75,000 ha in the hinterland of Byron Bay, until the forest was cleared by European settlers. Today, only 1% of this once remarkable rainforest remains. Our main AWC office in Bangalow is situated in what was once part of this diverse rainforest. We acknowledge this history and are proud to support the regeneration and recreation of this ecosystem through the Big Scrub Rainforest Conservancy.