AWC works on remote surf camp – sustainability, sewage and surfing

Mar 15, 2017

Project Description

AWC were lucky enough to provide design and construction services to Gin Gin Surf Lodge in the Mentawai Islands – off West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Gin Gin Surf Lodge wanted their environmental impact to be minimal, so they engaged AWC to design a constructed wetland and irrigation area to treat all wastewater produced at the camp.  This is unprecedented in the Mentawai Islands and will hopefully be an example for other tourist facilities to ensure they’re wastewater is effectively treated and disposed – the last thing any surfer wants to surf in polluted water!

AWC designed a onsite sewage treatment wetland or “Reed Bed” using coral.  This Reed bed treats all kitchen, laundry and bathroom water prior to disposal via a irrigation of a fruit tree orchard.

Much better than the traditional “bottomless septic tank” used throughout the Mentawai Islands!