Iron Pot Creek Detailed Design

Erosion Condition Assessment  |  Riparian Restoration | Detailed Design


AWC partnered with Royal Haskoning to undertake a holistic erosion and bank stability rectification design within a section of Upper Ironpot Creek. A green engineered approach was employed using a combination of rocks, logs and dense plantings to stabilise this 180m section of creek. 

 Ironpot Creek connects to the Bremer River, and its Pine Mountain stretch has steep banks with a long history of erosion issues due to its soil types. The works have aided in preventing erosion within the water way and improving the health of Bremer River downstream from increased sediment loads. 

The design has a series of rock pools that allow a transition of levels through the creek. This both reduces erosion caused by water velocity and allows the sediment to settle. Native vegetation will then establish further slowing flows, aiding sediment accretion, and improving water quality downstream. 


  • Detailed Design Drawings

  • Bill of Quantity and Cost Estimate

  • Vegetation Management Plan

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Project Facts

Client: City of Ipswich 


Challenges: Working with dispersive soils in a high energy creek. Working in close proximity to private property.