Babinda Constructed Wetland & Plain Rehabilitation

Wetland Design, Rehabilitation Plan, Pollutant Export Modelling


As part of the Reef Recovery Program, AWC in partnership with Jaragun developed a strategy and detailed design to intercept sediment and nitrates from a 2000 hectare agricultural catchment.

The works included extensive consultation to win the support of landholders before delivering a constructed wetland and floodplain rehabilitation works despite significant site constraints.

A key challenge was to create a large wetland while minimising earthworks and exposure of ASS.


  • Pollutant export and water balance models
  • Earthworks design
  • Hydraulic design
  • Vegetation management strategy
  • Construction documentation

Project Facts

Client: Jaragun Natural Resource Management


  • Winning the support of landholders
  • Delivering landscape scale wetlands with difficult site constraints and limited budget.