Barratta Creek – Constructed Wetland

Detailed Design


In order to reduce nitrates and sediment reaching the reef from farm land, AWC were engaged to transform an existing borrow pit into a treatment wetland.

Proposed Action

The borrow pit was reconfigured to include a sediment basin and extended flow path.The design slows irrigation runoff, settling sediments, then uses dense vegetation to remove nutrients. Once treated clean water is released downstream and/or re-used for irrigation.


  • Detailed Design
  • Wetland Construction and Management Training
  • Construction supervision

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Sun Water
  • Burdekin Bowen Integrated Flood Plan Management Advisory Committee (BBIFMAC)

Project Facts

Client: Department of Agriculture and Fisheries


  • Working within farm operations
  • Not interfering with drainage regime
  • Limited budget