Bokarina Wetland Translocation

Wetland Design and Relocation | Construction Methodology


To work within developmental parameters to provide a methodology and detailed works for the translocation and re-creation of the existing wetland to a new site. Critical considerations included soil characteristics, hydrology and physical topography of the wetland.


  • To preserve an important, functional ecosystem
  • To provide a detailed wetland translocation strategy including: Site preparation, process, establishment and irrigation methods; Remedial measures for acid sulfate soils upon disturbance
  • To use vegetation from the existing wetland to create a new wetland to enable extensive and vigorous plant cover

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Stockland Pty Ltd


  • An ecologically sound strategy for wetland ecosystem re-creation and preservation

Project Facts

Project Value:

Challenges: Successful translocation of a wetland along with its plant material to a new site without exacerbating the existing acid sulfate soil problems.