Bradley Heights

Detailed Design, Reporting and Superintendency


AWC were engaged to design the rehabilitation of a riparian corridor and water body. Transforming a farm paddock and dam into part of what is an extensive green corridor running through the developed land south of Penrith.

The Vegetation Management Plan identified ecological values of the site which formed the bases of the rehabilitation works supervised by AWC.

Criteria outlined as part of the development application consisted of rehabilitation performance criteria, public safety concerns regarding open water in a residential area, water quality objectives and public amenity.


  • Vegetation Management Plan
  • Dam rectification works
  • Rehabilitation Plan

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Toolijooa Environmental Restorations
  • J. Wyndham Prince Engineers
  • JK Williams Civil Construction

Project Facts

Client: CCL Developments

Challenges: Integrating water quality, safety and engineering requirements within the same corridor