Brunswick River Restoration Works

Riparian restoration | Construction supervision | Ecological design


To utilise joint funding from Byron Shire Council and NSW Fisheries for improvement works within the Brunswick Estuary. The works are a strategic response to significant and continuing bank erosion and loss of riparian habitat. Estuarine degradation has implications for not only the health of the Brunswick River, which is recognised by Council as having a high priority for conservation, but also public lands adjoining the riparian zone.

These works are the implementation phase of an on-going restoration strategy instigated by Council on the property as well being consistent with the Brunswick River Estuary Management Plan.


  • To provide a workable design within a set budget
  • To halt bank slumping and erosion
  • To improve mangrove cover and fish habitat
  • To increase the extent of coastal flood-plain rainforest vegetation

Partners & Stakeholders

  • NSW Department of Industry and Investment
  • Byron Shire Council


  • 200m of river rehabilitated
  • Winner of a national environmental award
  • Completed on time, within budget

Project Facts

Project Value: $120,000

Challenges: Working in a sensitive estuarine environment within deep water