Burpengary AFL Precinct

Frog survey and monitoring | Water quality sampling | Reporting


The Burpengary AFL Precinct is being developed by Moreton Bay Regional Council, and AWC is providing ecological  services for frog monitoring, frog habitat pond creation, and vegetation translocation and monitoring. The monitoring services are required as part of the conditions of approval such that monitoring occurs prior to, during and following construction to ensure that threatened frog habitat is maintained, enhanced and protected.


  • To identify appropriate species of sedges for translocation and guide the translocation process
  • To monitor for frogs using a variety of survey techniques (pitfall trapping, call playback, visual/aural observation)
  • To target survey for the threatened species wallum froglet and tusked frog
  • To report on monitoring results and all parameters sampled
  • Make recommendations for future sampling and/or mitigation

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Australian Wetlands
  • Moreton Bay Regional Council


  • Nine frog ponds constructed and material translocated
  • Monitoring still in progress
  • Wallum froglets continue to be recorded on-site

Project Facts

Project Value: $35, 000

Challenges: Frog monitoring over a lengthy time period under difficult environmental conditions