City of Gold Coast – SQID Rectification Design

Field Assessment and Diagnosis | Rectification Options and Feasibility Assessment | Detailed Design


The City of Gold Coast identified a nmber of Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices (SQID) as disfunctional. AWC were engaged to provide assessment, diagnosis and rectification plans for eight devices including wetlands, swales and biortention basins to reinstate effective stormwater treatment by the devices.


  • Review existing design plans and other documantation
  • Undertake field assessment including survey using GPS based equipment
  • Diagnose problems with each SQID
  • Provide preliminary options and feasibility analysis for each device
  • Engage in discussions with City of Gold Coast to determine a final design direction
  • Production of detailed rectification design plans for preferred option
  • Construction cost estimate.


  • Submission of cost effective diagnosis and rectification plans suitable for construction
  • Improved stormwater treatment, habitat and local amenity on implementation of design plans

Partners & Stakeholders

  • City of Gold Coast
  • ACOR Consultants (RPEQ)

Project Facts


  • Diagnosis based on field asessment
  • SQIDS not constructed in accordance with original design plans.