Drainage and Erosion Plan for Iron Pot Creek

Erosion condition assessment | Detailed concepts of treatment systems | Construction inspection


AWC and Bligh Tanner Consulting Engineers collaborated in providing a holistic erosion and bank stability strategy. The North Drainage and Erosion Management Plan for Iron Pot Creek at Pine Mountain was prepared to reduce erosion and improve bank stability throughout the study area. The Plan includes recommendations for cost-effective ‘green’ engineered staged remedial works that fit in with the surrounding environment.


  • Geomorphic investigations, including erosion condition assessment
  • Analysis of flow rates, flow velocities and soil conditions
  • Provision of legislative approvals for in-stream works
  • Liaison and consultation with Council and neighbouring property owners
  • Prioritisation of remedial work areas using a risk assessment approach
  • Development of erosion/bank stability mitigation designs
  • Detailed concept design drawings and supporting cost estimate

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Ipswich City Council
  • Bligh Tanner Consulting Engineers


Provision of a holistic Plan that is sensitive to ecological considerations, legislative requirements and Council’s maintenance requirements.

Project Facts

Client: Ipswich City Council, Bligh Tanner Consulting Engineers

Challenges: Working with dispersive soils in a high energy creek. Working in close proximity to private property in a high profile area.