Drainage Improvement and Ecological Investigations of the Karragarra Island Wetland

Wetland remediation | Acid Sulfate Soil | Estuary and Coastal Management


Karragarra Island Wetland is a coastal estuarine wetland complex currently in a degraded state due to changes in land use over a number of years. Redland City Council engaged AWC to investigate the causes of wetland degradation and make recommendations for improvements. These recommendations are supported by design documentation which provided guidance for on-ground works.


  • Reduce the maintenance requirements for the drain discharging from the wetland
  • Improve plant cover through the development of a more desirable hydraulic regime
  • Improve public amenity by reduction in wetland odours and provision of a healthy plant community
  • Liaise with Council and the community to provide an acceptable solution

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Redland City Council


  • Identification of issues causing lack of wetland function
  • Design options to address identified issues

Project Facts

Project Value: $14,000

Challenges: Working in a dynamic and modified tidal zone