Ecological Assessment of the Helensvale Waste Transfer Station

Flora and fauna identification | Legislative knowledge | Stakeholder liaison and communication


AWC was commissioned by Gold Coast City Council to prepare an ecological assessment of the Helensvale Waste Transfer Station at Lot 998 RP162673 and Lot 901 CP901660.

The objectives of the assessment were to determine the conservation values of the vegetation/habitat present at the site and identify the presence or potential for any flora or fauna species listed in the Nature Conservation Act 1992 to occur. The assessment also examined relevant legislation which requires consideration should parts of the site be developed in the future.


  • Document the ecological environment at the site with the view determine any ecological constraints to future site development

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Gold Coast City Council


  • Five broad vegetation types identified
  • Two Regional Ecosystems ‘Of Concern’ occur
  • No threatened flora species recorded
  • Local koala population occurs

Project Facts

Project Value: $9,000

Challenges: Delivering a detailed ecological assessment within a limited budget