Effluent reuse and biosolids disposal

Liaison with NSW EPA | Treatment wetland design | Effluent irrigation modelling and design


The purpose of this project was to determine the soil characteristics of the Bangalow STP Property, classify the effluent of the STP and the biosolids produced at Bangalow, Byron Bay and Ocean Shores STPs. The investigation informed potential agriculturalists or horticulturalists of the suitability of the site for planting crop(s) and using effluent as a water source and biosolids as compost / soil additive.

MEDLI and the NSW EPA model ERIM were used as key tools in this project.


  • Review historical effluent irrigation rates and groundwater pollutation data
  • Determine any environmental impacts from current effluent reuse and biosolids application
  • Develop a water balance model to determine a suitable effluent irrigation scheme

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Byron Shire Council


  • Confirmation that previous biosolids applications had not exhausted soil nutrient stores
  • Confirmation that effluent irrigation rates are not resulting in deep groundwater seepage
  • Various recomendations to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of effluent irrigation and biosolids applications

Project Facts

Project Value: $12,000 Challenges: Creek running through property highly valued for irrigation and recreation uses