Land Application of Sewage Biosolids

Soil testing | Biosolids application modelling | NSW legislation


Byron Shire Council propose to provide biosolids from sewage treatment plants under their management for beneficial use on agricultural land, namely two sites under management as working dairy farms. The sites of the proposed biosolids application are in areas currently cultivated for cropping.

The assessments considered the potential environmental impacts resulting from the proposal. The main concerns of the project was the potential for contamination of the receiving soils, ground and surface waters.


  • Provide a sustainable biosolids application rate
  • Ensure ground and surface waters are not impacted from biosolids application
  • Conform to NSW State guidelines on the application of biosolids

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Byron Shire Council


  • Achieved a sustainable application rate of biosolids
  • Conforming with all required buffer distances
  • Providing landholder with nutrient supply from a reclaimed resource

Project Facts

Project Value: $7,000

Challenges: Tight time frame – meeting legislative requirements in order to meet farming schedules