Norfolk Lake Foreshore Improvements

Options Analysis and Detailed Design


The water body and parkland of Norfolk Lake is a high profile landscape highly valued by the local community. The banks of Norfolk Lake were eroding with little vegetation, which was unsightly and difficult to maintain.

A combination of riparian plantings, rock edge treatments and macrophyte safety benches were implemented. The outcome of this was increased visual amenity, reduced mowing extents and stabilisation of the lakes foreshore.

Accumulation of weed and seed within the lake had reduced open water and prevented activities such as model boating. Lake bathymetry was re-designed to increase open water and remove excess sediment..


  • Increase visual amenity
  • Stabilise foreshore
  • Control of aquatic weeds

Partners & Stakeholders

  • ICOR

Project Facts

Client: Morton Bay Regional Council

Challenges: Plant establishment due to a large resident water bird population