Onsite wastewater management at several country public schools and Reviews of Environmental Factors (REFs)

Soil testing | Review of Environmental Factors | Effluent modelling


The NSW Department of Public Works engaged AWC to conduct soil and site assessments for the upgrade of onsite wastewater treatment and disposal systems at several Northern NSW public primary schools/education facilities at The Channon, Dorroughby, Upper Bonalbo, Modanville and Wilsons Creek. Onsite wastewater treatment and disposal systems were designed to comply with relevant local and state planning legislation, while also addressing key concerns from school staff and stakeholders. AWC also completed a full REF for the construction of the planned infrastructure at each school.


  • Meet current effluent treatment and disposal standards
  • Use existing infrastructure where possible to minimise construction costs
  • Provide a 30+ year service life for the constructed facilities

Partners & Stakeholders

  • NSW Department of Public Works


  • Design of wastewater treatment and disposal systems that protect the environment while being sensitive of surrounding land uses and construction / maintenance budgets

Project Facts

Project Value: $18,000

Challenges: Providing new infrastructure within constrained school grounds while satisfying all stakeholders