Reef Rescue: Treatment of Agricultural Runoff

Pollutant reduction modelling | Detailed design of treatment systems | Construction supervision


AWC have been working with the Burnett Mary Regional Group since 2010 to provide remediation measures that combat diffuse pollution wtihin the Great Barrier Reef catchment. The aim of these projects is to provide  pollutant modelling and detailed agricultural runoff treatment systems for farms around the Bundaberg/Maryborough region of Queensland.


  • Site investigations and liaison with farmers
  • Pollutant reduction modelling for each farm
  • Design of detailed treatment systems with design drawings and cost estimates for each farm
  • Construction supervision

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Burnett Mary Regional Group and individual landholders


  • Completion of assessment of 18 farms
  • Constructed systems completed at 10 farms
  • Reduction in nutrient loads to the Great Barrier Reef

Project Facts

Project Value:

Challenges: Logistical coordination across a large geographic area and working in difficult weather conditions.