Restoration Strategy Belongil-Cumbebin Wetland Complex

Site Investigations | Community Consultation | Water Quality & Wetland Rehabilitation Strategies


To produce a Wetland Restoration Strategy developed in accordance with the Northern Rivers Catchment Blueprint that sets the framework for integrated and holistic management into the future.


  • To produce a Plan for the Belongil-Cumbebin wetland complex addressing all natural resource management issues
  • To prioritise natural resource management issues and sites for strategic on-ground works
  • To enable the brokerage of funding to implement the WRS’s recommendations, including the provision of technical/professional assistance to landowners where necessary
  • To achieve stakeholder ownership and acceptance of the Strategy by comprehensive adoption and implementation of recommendations.

Partners Stakeholders

  • Wetland Care Australia
  • Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority


  • Production of a working document that satisfied a range of interest groups in the Byron Shire.
  • Creation of a pragmatic working document

Project Facts

Project Value: $40,000

Challenges: Producing a document that satisfies the needs of competing user groups. Maintaining project focus over an extended time frame