Stewart’s Farm Ecological Assessment

Targeted ecological survey | Detailed reporting | Mapping


Stewart’s Farm has been been subject to several rezoning applications before Ballina Shire Council. In its review of the project the  Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) required additional ecological survey of this locally significant site. AWC were appointed to review vegetation mapping of the site, complete targeted flora and fauna survey and review additions to the TSC Act 1995 which were relevant to the site. Following a weeks intensive survey, detailed constraints mapping was completed and included in the submission to the JRRP for the rezoning of the land.


  • Determine the ecological constraints of the site
  • Comprehensively map threatened species habitat
  • Examine the environmental values of the site with regard to rezoning

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Elton Consulting
  • JRRP


  • The JRPP approved the rezoning proposal; an amendment to the Ballina LEP is now pending.

Project Facts

Project Value: $18, 000

Challenges: Extensive fieldwork and data collation