Stewart’s Farm – Ecological impact assessment for proposed rezoning

Ecological Assessment | Mapping | Reporting


Stewart’s Farm is an iconic property at Skennars Head, of which parts have been proposed as suitable for residential occupation. Following a review of previous assessments the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) required further information relating to the ecological values of the site (in addition to other matters) to determine whether rezoning of the site was justified.


  • Targeted flora and fauna survey including targeted threatened flora searches and detailed vegetation mapping
  • Ecological constraints assessment and analysis of the potential impacts of the proposed rezoning

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Elton Consulting


  • Identification of locally significant threatened flora population (Stinking Cryptocarya)
  • Identification of locally significant threatened fauna (Grey-crowned Babbler, Bush Stone-curlew)
  • Comprehensive mapping and reporting
  • JRPP accept all conditions of the rezoning proposal

Project Facts

Client: Elton Consulting

Challenges: Balancing ecological values with future urban planning.