Stormwater management plan | Stormwater treatment and reuse scheme

Stormwater quality modelling (MUSIC) | Strategic planning | Tasmanian state legislation


Simplot (a vegetable processing factory) engaged AWC to prepare a Stormwater Managment Plan (SWMP) for their Devonport Vegetable Processing Facility, incorporating a concept design of a stormwater treatment and reuse system and risk management plan. This project provided the first step in completing an integrated water cycle management plan for the factory.


  • Provide a strategic direction for the management of stormwater within an enclosed industrial catchment
  • Provide a conceptual design for a treatment and reuse system
  • Ensure risks associated with recommendations are able to be eliminated or mitigated

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Simplot


  • Identification of opportunities for the improvement of stormwater practices
  • Preparation of a stormwater management strategy
  • Preparation of a risk management strategy associated with stormwater management plan recommendations

Project Facts

Project Value: $25,000

Challenges: Highly urbanised catchment with unique stormwater quality issues