Sydney Olympic Park – Leachate Treatment Wetland and Irrigation

Liaison with NSW EPA | Treatment wetland design | Effluent irrigation modelling and design


AWC, in partnership with EnviroPacific and Henry and Hymas Consulting Engineers, completed the detailed design and construction of a leachate treatment and disposal system at Sydney Olympic Park.  AWC designed the wetland based treatment and irrigation system for approval by the NSW EPA, consisting of vertical and horizontal flow wetlands and effluent irrigation area.

The system has undergone extensive performance testing, consistently removing 75-90% of all ammonia and reducing heavy metals and hydrocarbons to background concentrations.


  • To reduce offsite leachate disposal costs to SOPA via the sustainable onsite treatment and disposal of

Partners & Stakeholders

  • EnviroPacific
  • Henry and Hymas Consulting Engineers


  • Construction of 600m2 of treatment wetlands
  • Application of treated leachate to 1.8ha of irrigation area
  • Treatment of 10-25m3 of leachate daily
  • Reduction in costs to SOPA via the onsite treatment and disposal and leachate

Project Facts

Project Value: $1 Million
Challenges: Difficult site, working on contaminated land, achieving 100% reuse of treated leachate