Tintenbar Sand Quarry

Flora and Fauna Survey | Acid Frog Survey | Reporting | Statutory assessment and compliance


The Tintenbar Sand Quarry requires an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) for the proposed construction of a new quarry pit. The Director-Generals Requirements (DGRs) require a detailed ecological assessment inclusive of reporting and mapping to identify areas of conservation significance and determine compliance and mitigation with relevant legislation.


  • To complete appropriate survey methods to ensure compliance with the DGRs
  • To identify areas of high conservation significance including threatened species habitat and endangered ecological communities
  • To address relevant statutory requirements
  • To develop a range of mitigation measures consistent with on-site sensitivities

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Ardill Payne & Partners


  • EIS due to be lodged shortly with Ballina Shire Council

Project Facts

Project Value: $20, 000

Challenges: Developing a range of mitigation measures to offset potential environmental impacts