Waterbird Park – Rehabilitation design review and sediment removal plan

Liaison with NSW EPA | Treatment wetland design | Effluent irrigation modelling and design


Waterbird Park is an urban parkland located at Explorers Way, Carrara.  The park has a constructed wetland comprised of two sections, with dense infestations of Mexican waterlily. Due to the poor performance of the wetland and the difficulty in eradicating Mexican waterlily, Gold Coast City Council proposed the re-design of the system to increase performance and aesthetics of the watercourse. Historical data shows potential for contaminated soil, including acid sulfate soils, within the wetland and park and as such a soil removal management plan (SRMP) was deemed to be required.

The aim of the SRMP was to identify components and staging for the removal and relocation or disposal of all soils at the site. Environmental protection measures and remediation requirements with regard to the known components of site soils was recommended.


  • Provide a rehabilitation plan for Waterbird Park
  • Ensure the rehabilitation plan is achievable within budget and legislative constraints

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Gold Coast City Council
  • Complete Urban Pty Ltd


  • Preparation of a risk management matrix
  • Confirmation of the level of contamination within the soil (or lack thereof)
  • Assessing risk to contractors and birds to exposure to Clostribium botulinum during rehabilitation

Project Facts

Project Value: $10,000

Challenges: Working in an aquatic environment with potentially contaminated soils