Western Corridor Recycled Water – Luggage Point AWTP

Treatment Wetlands Feasibility and Pilot Study | Concept Design


As part of the Western Corridor Recycled Water Project, an Advanced Water Treatment Plant is being constructed at Luggage Point which will discharge a brackish waste stream of reverse osmosis concentrate. Australian Wetlands undertook a Feasibility Study on the suitability of available land for constructed wetlands to treat this waste stream, and developed a concept design and pilot study of the effectiveness of several constructed wetland designs to treat this effluent type.


  • Determine the feasibility of constructed estuarine wetlands for secondary wastewater treatment
  • Review of nutrient and metal removal performance by wetlands in brackish environments
  • Develop concept design for treatment wetlands
  • Design of pilot study to determine and compare water quality improvement potential of several media and wetland configurations. The pilot study aims to define optimal vegetation conditions, maintain dissolved oxygen, determine impact of hydraulic loading rate, determine any impact on groundwater quality, evaluate construction issues, and manage wildlife issues.

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Nandah Alliance


  • Innovative bio-engineering solution
  • Qld EPA endorsement

Project Facts

Project Value: $150,000