Thomas Glaze

Senior Scientist  



  • BSc – Biology and Marine Studies 
  • MSc – Environmental Biology 
  • PhD – Biogeochemistry 

Tom has over 15 years’ experience in the fields of environmental science and biology, during which time he has accrued various qualifications and occupied diverse roles throughout industry and academia. 

This has experience as an environmental consultant operating in occupational hygiene and contaminated land, a research scientist in a boutique agri-research business, an academic and laboratory assistant at several universities, a marine biologist on the Great Barrier Reef, and as an aquarist in a public aquarium. 

Tom specializes in biogeochemistry and has utilized biogeochemical tools and approaches to evaluate complex environmental questions across diverse systems, including gaseous nitrogen emissions from drained peatland, nutrient cycling in coral microbiomes, upwelling along the Eastern seaboard, greenhouse gas monitoring in Australian estuaries, and groundwater mapping and isoscaping of coral atolls. 

Tom has experience managing a wide range of environmental projects throughout NSW and QLD, primarily within the occupational hygiene space. 


Tom is located in our Bangalow office